Orthopaedic Surgical Positioning

Match Grade Medical is a premier manufacturer of precision surgical equipment. Innovative design and advanced manufacturing allows us to focus on solutions for orthopaedic surgery that improve patient outcomes and reduce provider cost.


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The Significance of Positioning…

Patients, Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, Administrators, Surgical Positioning Professionals. All of us share a goal of providing the best possible patient experience and recovery at the most effective and efficient cost.

We all see the obvious costs:

The attention given to these areas has helped to reduce costs and streamline the surgical experience. With care providers straining to meet goals under new Reimbursement requirements, it seems as though there is still much to be done. There must be an elephant in the OR.

Indirect costs, like sterility, aren’t always that noticeable.

What’s lurking in the background?

The obvious things that many have overlooked are most apparent in the indirect costs hospitals and surgical centers experience everyday.

  • Sterility in the OR
  • Number of hands on the patient
  • Turnaround between surgeries
  • Versatility of equipment
  • Residual organic debris

These aspects may not be at the forefront of thought, but they can compound and result in enormous costs. To address this, Match Grade Medical makes a central focus of both indirect and obvious costs in designing surgical positioning equipment.

Match Grade Medical’s ‘Positioning Matters’ focus leads to improved patient outcomes, cost savings, and an unparalleled respect for the sterile field. More …

The medical field is facing a staggering dilemma – how do we improve patient outcomes while dealing with significant Heathcare-Associated Infection rates and stricter requirements for Medicare reimbursement?

TKA knee positioning device

Solorail Knee Positioner

We at Match Grade Medical have examined this dilemma, and our ‘Positioning Matters’ focus has guided us to products that address each of these concerns.

  • Our unparalleled respect for the sterile field, possible through patented Fieldloc technology, reduces the risk of Heathcare-Associated Infection and Surgical Site Infection
  • Our aim to reduce staff in the OR means less hands on the patient
  • Our concern with consistent and reproducible equipment procedures leads to quicker turnaround
  • Our product designs centered on MIS applications add time saving versatility
  • Our easy to use and clean products eliminate hidden recesses and pooling of organic debris
  • For more on how these principles guide our product design and development, follow this link.
hip positioning peg board

Match Grade Medical’s Broadhead Pegboard System reduces the potential of pressure ulcers and drives the improvement of patient outcomes.