Broadhead Mini Pegboard System

The Broadhead Mini Pegboard is the only arthroscopic patient positioning system of its kind available. Engineered to be able to sit inside or outside the sterile field, the Broadhead Mini brings an easy-to-use and versatile solution to arthroscopic patient positioning.


Easy to Use

The Broadhead Mini’s ability to reside inside or outside the sterile field makes it one of the easiest to use arthroscopic legholders available.

  • No more fumbling through drapes and changing gloves to make adjustements
  • No extra staff needed to make adjustments for the surgeon outside the sterile field
  • Adjusting position is simply a matter of moving a peg



  • Can mount anywhere on the surgical table
  • Mounts with standard rail clamps
  • Can be utilized in a range of procedures
  • Compatible with all Broadhead Pegboard System pegs and accessories