Match Grade Medical Embraces the Action at the 2017 AORN Global Surgical Conference and Expo

Incoming AORN President Nathalie Walker invited the audience to join her in “Embracing Action” during her presentation at the closing ceremonies in Boston this past Thursday. Her charge to “rekindle and reinvent” passion for the nursing profession echoed her concept of Embracing Action, embodied in “being involved, thinking innovatively, and adapting to our changing environment … [with] passion and motivation”.

Match Grade Medical on display at AORN 2017

Involvement, innovation, and the ability to adapt epitomize Match Grade Medical’s lines of surgical positioning products in a post-ACA medical industry, and conference attendees enthusiastically embraced Match Grade’s display during its 3 day stay in the exhibition hall. The newly unveiled Broadhead Mini Pegboard drew eyes for its versatility, mounting anywhere on the surgical table and residing inside or outside the sterile field. Attendees explored the Broadhead Mini and its varied possibilities from knee positioning in arthroscopy to elbow positioning in olecranon fixation.

Broadhead Mini turns heads at AORN 2017

The Broadhead Pegboard and Soloarc Surgical Positioning System turned heads in their strides towards improving patient outcomes. Conference goers were immediately attracted to the common sense approach to avoiding pressure injuries possible through the Broadhead’s double wide pegs. And the Soloarc’s respect for the sterile field saw praise for its potential to help reduce the occurrence surgical site infections.

Positioning matters, and the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses demonstrated their enthusiasm for innovative approaches to improving patient outcomes by embracing Match Grade Medical’s strides in rethinking what positioning means and how it can be improved.


Explore the AORN 2017 Conference activities and new Executive Leadership Appointments by clicking on the link below:

AORN’s Global Surgical Conference and Expo 2017

“Reimbursement Policies” Hurdle in Growth of Arthroscopic Surgery

The prevalence of arthroscopic procedures has risen steadily over the last 40 years, and the industry is project to grow from a $4.19 billion in 2016 to $5.7 billion by 2023 according to a recent Global Data market analysis. This growth is fueled by a number of factors including “sports injuries, driven by repetitive training in the United States and China, … growing obesity rates, an aging population, and increasing demand for minimally invasive techniques”. Despite this projected growth, arthroscopy faces a major hurdle with recent changes in Medicare reimbursement and the prevalence of surgical site infections (OrthoSpineNews, Oxford Academic).


Match Grade Medical’s Broadhead Mini Pegboard can help address the issue of surgical site infections in the growth of arthroscopic procedures. The Broadhead Mini is completely autoclavable, engineered to eliminated cracks and crevices that hide organic debris, and is the only available leg holder of its kind developed to reside inside the sterile field. Designed for versatility, the Broadhead Mini can meet the needs of a range of procedures and is compatible with all Broadhead Pegboard pegs and accessories.


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Arthroscopy market to surpass $5.7 billion by 2023 as sports injuries are on the rise, says GlobalData

Postarthroscopy Surgical Site Infections: Review of the Literature 

Match Grade Medical Unveils Newest Arthroscopic Leg Positioner

The Broadhead Mini Peg Board brings a ‘Positioning Matters’ focus into arthroscopic procedures. Match Grade Medical’s completely autoclavable Broadhead Mini is the only available arthroscopic leg holder capable of residing inside the sterile field, eliminating the need to reach under drapes and violate sterility in order to make surgery specific adjustments.

Arthroscopy with the Broadhead Mini

The Broadhead Mini features the versatility necessary for a dynamic operating room. Standardized bolsters allow for quick and easy adjustment accommodating external and internal lower leg rotation in the Figure 4 position. And a uniform hole diameter makes the Broadhead Mini compatible with all Broadhead pegs.

Match Grade Medical will be demonstrating the Broadhead Mini’s versatility and unparalleled respect for the sterile field in Booth 422 at AAOS this March.

CMS Announces Reimbursement Cuts for the 2017 Fiscal Year

Early last month, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released their HAC Scores for the 2017 fiscal year. In the third year of the program, 769 hospitals saw reductions while 241 experienced their third year in a row of reimbursement cuts.

Match Grade Medical can help prevent hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) and disastrous HAC scores. With a focus on patient outcomes, Match Grade’s surgical positioning equipment centers around avoiding the occurrence of pressure ulcers (with double wide pegs and tapered ends featured in the Broadhead Pegboard System) and healthcare-associated infections (through an unparalleled respect for the sterile field). Positioning matters, and Match Grade Medical is dedicated to providing industry leading products.


Follow the link below for CMS scores and methodology: Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction Program



New WHO Guidelines Focus on Preventing Surgical Site Infections

The World Health Organization released its first ever guidelines for the prevention of surgical site infections this last November. WHO will be active in releasing supporting tools throughout 2017 in its quest to “address the increasing burden of health care-associated infections on both patients and health care systems globally”.

Match Grade Medical is excited at the opportunity to support WHO’s mission by preserving the sterile field through the patented Fieldloc technology and reducing the potential of post-op infection by designing products to eliminate hidden recesses that hide organic debris. Improving patient outcomes while reducing provider costs is always at the forefront.


Follow the link below for WHO Guidelines:

WHO Global Guidelines for the Prevention of Surgical Site Infection

To read the original article, follow the link below:

Global Guidelines for the Prevention of Surgical Site Infection

For more on the WHO Guidelines follow the links below to The Lancet Infectious Diseases:

New WHO recommendations on preoperative measures for surgical site infection prevention: an evidence-based global perspective

New WHO recommendations on intraoperative and postoperative measures for surgical site infection prevention: an evidence-based global perspective

Reducing Time and Staff in the OR Can Help in the Face of a Shrinking Surgical Workforce

In the next 9 years the Association of American Medical Colleges is projecting major shortages in both surgeons and physicians relative to the growing number of total joint replacement patients. Medical professionals across the board are looking for ways to cope with this while facing the ever-growing push to reduce provider costs while improving patient outcomes. With increasing specialization and dwindling numbers entering the medical profession, the challenges facing the medical field seem to compound.

With a focus on reducing staff in the OR, preserving the sterile field, and reducing operating room time, Match Grade Medical’s line of surgical positioning equipment can alleviate the pressure of economic demands and the concern for patients’ well-being.


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See us at AAHKS in Dallas

We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) November 10-13 in Dallas.

AAHKS 26th Annual Meeting
November 10-13, 2016
Hilton Anatole
Dallas, Texas

We will be demonstrating our Soloarc system, the only full range leg positioning system that does not compromise the sterile field, thanks to our patent pending Fieldloc technology.

Fieldloc technology preserves the sterile field

Fieldloc technology preserves the sterile field

You’ll also be able to see for yourself how our pegboard hip positioning system provides radiolucency and reduces pressure points without sacrificing strength.

hip positioner peg     hip positioner wide peg

Join us in Dallas to learn more about our solutions designed by hip and knee surgeons for hip and knee surgeons.

If you can’t make the AAHKS meeting this year, join our email list to learn about product enhancements and changes.

Success at AAOS 2016 Annual Meeting

Match Grade Medical opened to staggeringly positive reactions at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2016 Annual Meeting this March in Orlando. CEO Karen L. Hacket noted the “exciting accomplishments” of the previous year and touted the innovations on exhibit this year calling the Annual Meeting “the place to find new tools” in continuing to strive towards better patient outcomes.

Match Grade Medical AAOS 2016 Broadhead Soloarc SoloLink

Positioning Equipment and Best Practices Explained

Match Grade Medical exemplified those words with an innovative product line that continues to redefine best practices. The patented Fieldloc Mounting System drew eyes with its uninterrupted respect for the integrity of the sterile field – an industry leading technology that creates a solid mechanical interlock without breaching sterility.

The flagship product Soloarc and the fixed rail SoloLink leg positioning systems appealed to attendees’ concern with reducing the number of hands on the patient. Both saw praise for ease of use, leading to decreased time and staff in the operating room. These TKA surgical positioning systems were both lauded for their ease of cleaning and streamline designs engineered without hidden crevices that hide organic debris.

The Annual Meeting also took significant notice of the Broadhead Peg Board Hip Positioning System. With tapered edges and widest pegs available, the Broadhead peaked attention with its ability to avoid the occurrence of pressure ulcers and its versatility in positioning applications.

Match Grade Medical AAOS 2016 Surgical Positioning Systems

Versatility of the Broadhead Peg Board

By the close of exhibition, Match Grade Medical’s patient focused advances sparked the demand that allowed operating rooms across the country to achieve practical and financial goals.

We hope to see you this November at the AAHKS 26th Annual Meeting in Dallas. If you’re unable to make the trip, join our email list to keep up with our industry leading line of products focused on improving patient outcomes.

A Gap in Practice: Respecting the Sterile Field

Match Grade Medical has identified a recurring issue with orthopaedic surgical knee positioners. Despite the claim of retaining a sterile field, positioning products available on the market have required either equipment to puncture surgical drapes or the surgeon to reach outside of the field.

With approval for patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office, Match Grade Medical has found the solution to this industry-wide problem: the Fieldloc Mounting System.

Fieldloc avoids puncturing drapes or reaching outside the sterile field by utilizing a lower base pad …


… that secures surgical drapes between itself and an upper mounting pad …


From this base, our knee positioners, Soloarc and SoloLink, allow surgeons the versatility needed for total knee arthroplasty while respecting the integrity of the sterile field leading to both less complications and better patient outcomes.

Born in the realm of orthopaedics, the Fieldloc Mounting System represents potential far beyond its origin. This technology has a place anywhere a sterile field finds home, and its multidisciplinary applications seem near limitless.

Join Match Grade Medical’s email list to keep up to date with the Fieldloc technology and the rest of Match Grade Medical’s industry leading line of products. We are a company dedicated to improving patient outcomes.

Match Grade Medical featured worldwide

Match Grade Medical has had an overwhelming positive response as its products are announced in international publications.

The flagship Soloarc system for knee positioning features the unsurpassed Fieldloc sterile field management system. This system offers rock solid leg positioning that cannot be matched by any TKA surgical positioning system on the market.

In addition, the lateral hip positioning peg board system reduces the risk of pressure ulcers with tapered board edges and the widest pegs in the industry.  It also adds versatility with the use of radiolucent pegs and additional applications such as knee arthroscopy.

MatchGrade Med_March AAOS Now ad_peg