Broadhead Pegboard System

broadhead-black-vector-logo-100-32-80-24Designed by surgeons for surgeons, the Match Grade Medical
surgical positioning Broadhead Pegboard System is like no other.  More than just a hip positioning system, this patent pending system is designed to eliminate pressure points and offer radiolucency without sacrificing strength.  It is versatile, solid, and easy to use.

Reduce the risk of pressure ulcers

hip positioner wide peg

Patent Pending

  • Double wide pegs have 2 inches more surface area in contact with the patient than standard round pegs
  • Tapered pegboard ends reduce pressure points

More versatility

  • Pegs are made of an autoclavable polymer with aluminum feet for strength
  • Pegs are radiolucent down to 2.5″ from board surface
  • Pegs are designed to be compatible with most standard positioning boards
  • Wider pegs allow easy alternative for lower extremity arthroscopic thigh bolster and bumps