Soloarc Surgical Positioning System


The Soloarc leg positioning system is the only full range leg positioning system that can be fully adjusted while maintaining the integrity of the surgical sterile field. This allows surgeons to have complete control of the flexion and extension of their patient’s leg while providing an easy to use and rock solid base on which to operate.

Auto lock hands-free foot support

  • Lateral and medial support during flexion adjustment
  • One hand release for easy manual manipulation when necessary
  • Release foot without losing flexion position

Optimized foot stabilizer

  • The foot holder is made of strongest aluminum on the market meaning it won’t lose its shape
  • When wrapped, its unique shape both stabilizes and keeps foot from rotating

Soloarc: A Complete Solution to Total Knee Arthroscopy

Smooth travel rail system

  • Provides rock solid positioning without damage to adjustment block or rail
  • Won’t lose its grip over time
  • Precise movement adjustment
Soloarc 02

Smooth Travel Rail System and Fieldloc Provide the Soloarc with a Mechanical Interlock and Uninterrupted Respect for the Sterile Field

Arc rail varus/valgus adjustment

  • Unique arc rail allows knee opening and adjustment
  • 30 degrees of arc to impart varus and valgus stress
Soloarc 03

The Soloarc’s 5 Degree Incremental Adjustments Provide Easier Access for Tunnel Preparation and ACL Graft Fixation

Not your average surgical support system.

Designed in partnership with orthopaedic specialists, the Soloarc Surgical Support System provides industry leading sterile field respect through its patented Fieldloc technology.

Additional Information

Soloarc Instructions For Use

Surgical Knee Positioner Sterilization Instructions



Soloarc orthopaedic surgery knee positioning system