Fieldloc Mounting System

Solorail is the only full range leg positioning system available today that does not violate the integrity of the sterile field, thanks to the patented Fieldloc technology.

Does your current system enter "The Red Zone"?

Does your current system enter “The Red Zone”?

Most competitive systems connect to the table rail over or through the drape after the sterile field is created.  This creates a continuous connection from outside to inside the sterile field.  The Fieldloc upper mounting pad and lower base pad sandwich the drapes between them.  This protects the drapes while forming a rock solid mechanical interlock, and keeps all sterile components inside the sterile field.



The Fieldloc base is secured to the table rail before the sterile field is created.






After the sterile field is created the upper support pad drops in place sandwiching and securing the drape between the two pads.



Fieldloc system protects drapes from damage, and keeps all sterile components within the sterile field.  There is nothing else like it.


  • Low profile mounting system
  • Precision-machined aluminum mounting pads
  • Mechanical interlock between mounting pads for stability
  • Mounts with standard rail clamps
  • Mounts without holes or damage to drapes
  • Tool-free disassembly
  • Easy-to-clean components
  • Autoclave compatible
  • Developed in partnership with orthopedic surgeons
  • Made in USA



Patented Fieldloc technology available on