A Gap in Practice: Respecting the Sterile Field

Match Grade Medical has identified a recurring issue with orthopaedic surgical knee positioners. Despite the claim of retaining a sterile field, positioning products available on the market have required either equipment to puncture surgical drapes or the surgeon to reach outside of the field.

With approval for patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office, Match Grade Medical has found the solution to this industry-wide problem: the Fieldloc Mounting System.

Fieldloc avoids puncturing drapes or reaching outside the sterile field by utilizing a lower base pad …


… that secures surgical drapes between itself and an upper mounting pad …


From this base, our knee positioners, Soloarc and SoloLink, allow surgeons the versatility needed for total knee arthroplasty while respecting the integrity of the sterile field leading to both less complications and better patient outcomes.

Born in the realm of orthopaedics, the Fieldloc Mounting System represents potential far beyond its origin. This technology has a place anywhere a sterile field finds home, and its multidisciplinary applications seem near limitless.

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