Success at AAOS 2016 Annual Meeting

Match Grade Medical opened to staggeringly positive reactions at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2016 Annual Meeting this March in Orlando. CEO Karen L. Hacket noted the “exciting accomplishments” of the previous year and touted the innovations on exhibit this year calling the Annual Meeting “the place to find new tools” in continuing to strive towards better patient outcomes.

Match Grade Medical AAOS 2016 Broadhead Soloarc SoloLink

Positioning Equipment and Best Practices Explained

Match Grade Medical exemplified those words with an innovative product line that continues to redefine best practices. The patented Fieldloc Mounting System drew eyes with its uninterrupted respect for the integrity of the sterile field – an industry leading technology that creates a solid mechanical interlock without breaching sterility.

The flagship product Soloarc and the fixed rail SoloLink leg positioning systems appealed to attendees’ concern with reducing the number of hands on the patient. Both saw praise for ease of use, leading to decreased time and staff in the operating room. These TKA surgical positioning systems were both lauded for their ease of cleaning and streamline designs engineered without hidden crevices that hide organic debris.

The Annual Meeting also took significant notice of the Broadhead Peg Board Hip Positioning System. With tapered edges and widest pegs available, the Broadhead peaked attention with its ability to avoid the occurrence of pressure ulcers and its versatility in positioning applications.

Match Grade Medical AAOS 2016 Surgical Positioning Systems

Versatility of the Broadhead Peg Board

By the close of exhibition, Match Grade Medical’s patient focused advances sparked the demand that allowed operating rooms across the country to achieve practical and financial goals.

We hope to see you this November at the AAHKS 26th Annual Meeting in Dallas. If you’re unable to make the trip, join our email list to keep up with our industry leading line of products focused on improving patient outcomes.