Match Grade Medical Embraces the Action at the 2017 AORN Global Surgical Conference and Expo

Incoming AORN President Nathalie Walker invited the audience to join her in “Embracing Action” during her presentation at the closing ceremonies in Boston this past Thursday. Her charge to “rekindle and reinvent” passion for the nursing profession echoed her concept of Embracing Action, embodied in “being involved, thinking innovatively, and adapting to our changing environment … [with] passion and motivation”.

Involvement, innovation, and the ability to adapt epitomize Match Grade Medical’s lines of surgical positioning products in a post-ACA medical industry, and conference attendees enthusiastically embraced Match Grade’s display during its 3 day stay in the exhibition hall. The newly unveiled Broadhead Mini Pegboard drew eyes for its versatility, mounting anywhere on the surgical table and residing inside or outside the sterile field. Attendees explored the Broadhead Mini and its varied possibilities for knee positioning in arthroscopy.

The Broadhead Pegboard and Soloarc Surgical Positioning System turned heads in their strides towards improving patient outcomes. Conference goers were immediately attracted to the common sense approach to avoiding pressure injuries possible through the Broadhead’s double wide pegs. And the Soloarc’s respect for the sterile field saw praise for its potential to help reduce the occurrence surgical site infections.

Positioning matters, and the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses demonstrated their enthusiasm for innovative approaches to improving patient outcomes by embracing Match Grade Medical’s strides in rethinking what positioning means and how it can be improved.

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