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Are these foot holders still in your surgery suite?

  • by Match Grade Medical
  • News
  • Mar 2, 2021
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Recently, one of the manufacturers of this positioner for total knee replacement realized that their product housed contamination.

Given that there is no way to clean the foot holder, short of cutting it open; They did the responsible thing, and putting the patient first, issued a recall on all these positioners. Unfortunately, not all of the manufacturers who have produced products using this approach have recalled their products.

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There remain hundreds, if not thousands of these positioners in use that are carrying bioburden from previous patients into surgery. If any of these positioners are still in use in your facility, please inform your sterile processing manager or contact the manufacturer and request that the device be recalled immediately.

Match Grade Medical has designed our knee positioner systems from the beginning to be completely sealed, with access to all surfaces for cleaning. The design of our foot holder along with the continuous weld construction is patented.