For arthroscopy distraction or for trauma, this new ankle distractor system is destined to be the go-to device in your operating suite. 

Ankle Distractor

Outpatient Surgery Magazine has published an article highlighting innovative product releases that you missed out on due to the cancelation of surgical conferences in 2020.

They were able to identify 8 innovative new products that have the potential to be promising additions to cutting-edge orthopedic ORs. The Match Grade Medical Speedloc Ankle Distractor was on that list. This distractor system removes bulk and complexity, and gives the surgeon a feel and control that they have never experienced before.

Ankle Distractor

Also available for our Ladderloc System

The Speedloc system offers an instant anti reverse traction lock, that instantly holds the distraction applied without knobs and screws to tighten and adjust. It is so easy, you can adjust it with one hand. Utilizing a standard ankle strap design, the setup is familiar, with only two parts needed in the sterile field.  The system is ideal for ankle arthroscopy, and is a leading approach for suprapatellar tibia nails.


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