The importance of protecting yourself and your patients during the current global pandemic is more crucial than ever. As you may have seen, aerosol boxes are quickly becoming a vital piece of equipment in order to control the spread of COVID-19.By consulting with intubation experts and analyzing similar shields from several manufactures, we were able to develop the most durable, ergonomic, and intubation friendly aerosol box on the market. Below we demonstrate just some of the obstacles caused by aerosol boxes from other manufacturers.

  1. Size
    As you can see the box on the right is very short. Not covering your patient fully during intubation can be a huge risk, almost negating the use of an aerosol box altogether. On the other hand, having the box too large like the one pictured left, will push the medical provider too far from the patient causing issues with reach. We have developed ours to get as close to the patient as possible, like the short box on the right, with even more coverage as the larger box on the left.

  2. Weight
    Ideally aerosol boxes will move slightly as the medical provider works. Many of the flatpack solutions, plus the alternate shields pictured are extremely heavy. This restricts the range of movement while in operation, as well as making them cumbersome to maneuver around your facility. With that in mind we developed ours to be extremely lightweight in comparison for effortless maneuverability while in use.
  3. Storage
    One of the main concerns we heard from our consulting medical experts was the amount of space these boxes took up in their facility. We designed our box specifically to stack on top of one another to reduce unnecessary clutter and grant easy, accessible storage.
  4. Durability
    Many of the intubation shields being made and used are both heavy and fragile. Some are being made from Plexiglas / acrylic which is brittle and could shatter if dropped. Many are made from thick, heavy material which can be awkward and dangerous because of weight alone. Match Grade Medical chose to manufacture our shields from approved medical grade material that is lighter weight and flexible enough to withstand heavy use and even being dropped. We then reinforced the corners to make it even more durable.

At Match Grade Medical we continuously strive to produce the highest quality, best performing products on the market—and even faced with an urgent timeline, our aerosol boxes are no different.


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