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Match Grade Medical was presented with a material sample for their surgical hip positioning system and started to explore which plastic was right for their application. They decided to trust the experts. David Kettner, President and CEO of Match Grade Medical, physically stopped into Eagle Performance Plastics.

“Jared Bailin not only helped us identify the plastic but showed us around Eagle. It was then we realized that Eagle is a one stop shop. They could be our partner in manufacturing.” Kettner was a part of the process from the beginning. “Eagle learned the requirements of our business and we learned about what plastics can and can’t do. They have taught us tolerances, how to dimension, how plastics move and how we deal with stress in the components. We stay with them because they have ideas on manufacturing that we didn’t think of. Tom, Eagle’s Manufacturing Manager, helps with the finite details that make a huge difference in our medical field. The fine tuning and multiple tweaks for one project has created a trust and confidence in getting what we need.”

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