Not everyone puts a lot of thought into today’s surgical positioning equipment but it really does matter when it comes to protecting the patient and the hospital.  Using poorly designed, difficult to clean, or outdated equipment technology can contribute to postoperative complications like patient pressure injuries and periprosthetic infection. These things can and will directly and indirectly affect costs at a hospital.

Many positioning devices today can cause direct injury to the patient. Good examples for comparison are the pegboards and pegs used for lateral positioning procedures.  In the pictures below, you can easily see the difference between an industry standard peg and our patent-pending Broadhead Pegs.


The traditional hard rubber sleeve over an aluminum post is almost impossible to clean thoroughly and does not evenly distribute a patients weight during the procedure. With Broadhead pegs, there is nearly 4 inches of flat bearing surface for a much better distribution of pressure on the patient. Our pegs are made of an autoclavable premium strength polymer so they can be more thoroughly cleaned and are radiolucent for comprehensive patient imaging. Both our pegs and our pegboard are designed specifically to better protect the patient in that it can reduce possible injuries and prevent possible infection from device surfaces contaminated with Bioburden.

What’s Bioburden? Well, it is the degree of microbial contamination or microbial load; the number of microorganisms contaminating an object. The National Center for Biotechnology Information did a study on what Orthopedic operating room surfaces are contaminated with Bioburden using adenosine triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence technology. Patient positioners being used for total hip and spine had some of the highest levels. This study also concluded that all surfaces contained some level of bioburden and suggest “improving surgical cleaning practices”. We agree improving cleaning methods are important; having equipment that can help eliminate these risks can be just as valuable.

There is a lot that goes into improving patient outcomes and reducing provider cost when it comes to Orthopedic equipment. That’s why everything we do at Match Grade Medical revolves around designing solutions to the issues inherent in other positioning systems. We can’t promise this will eliminate all pressure injuries or infections but, our products are a step in the right direction.

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