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There is a lot of talk regarding the rapid increase in the quantity of Total Knee Arthroplasty procedures being performed.  But lagging not far behind are the number of Knee Revisions that will be necessary for an active aging population.  Not all revision prosthetics are created equal, and neither are the available positioners.

4 Things to Consider:

A solid foundation – Most knee positioners available today use a single connection point to the table.  This approach may seem easy to attach, but fails by allowing the positioning base to twist and tip during the procedure.  A solid system starts with a solid foundation.  For the best support choose a system that has multiple connection points to the table rail as far apart as possible.

Support for prosthetic removal – The rigors of prosthetic removal requires unfailing support in multiple directions.  Avoid positioners that simply set into place with gravity. Insist on a knee positioner that locks down giving a counter force to work against.  It is also recommended to avoid ball type mounts that rely on friction to hold them upright.  They can slip under the stresses of a revision procedure.  A mechanical locking mechanism is much more reliable when attempting to remove embedded components.

Extreme adjustment – The tremendous benefit of Extreme adjustment will not be fully appreciated until it is experienced.  The ability to lock the knee in position from full extension to hyper flexion and rotation in line with the tibia to 90 degrees both lateral and medial cannot be overstated.

Ability to distract – A simple and effective method of distraction is invaluable.  The ideal knee positioner will allow rotation adjustment while under distraction.  Allowing the surgeon room to work and versatility.

You may not spend much time thinking about your positioning equipment but we do. Advances in equipment and proper positioning make procedures run more efficiently, as well as reduce cost, improve turnover, and help to reduce postoperative complications. Upgrade to Match Grade Medical surgical positioning equipment today for better revision and patient outcomes.

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