Match Grade Medical designs surgical equipment to be easy to use and easy to clean. There are other common knee positioners still being used that have voids and crevasses that can hold blood and bio debris from past surgeries.


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After reviewing some of the positioning equipment being used, we decided to start an investigation and take these outdated positioners apart to find what is left behind.

The knee positioner shown in these images is the first system that we cut apart, but it is not the only system that could have these issues. Some of the positioners deserve a closer look. To identify problem areas, please see our article, ‘5 Signs your Positioning Equpment Might Not be Clean.’

Contaminated surgical equipment is a big deal. The FDA has issued warnings regarding endoscope contamination, but hospitals and surgical centers need to understand what leads to these issues and be vigilant about the equipment that they bring into their sterile field.

Match Grade products are not just easier to clean, they are designed to be clean. We follow some basic principles in the development of all of our products that produces equipment that resists contamination.

  • Components are manufactured from a solid single piece of material when possible.
  • Welded connections form a complete seal, leaving no gaps that can become contaminated.
  • All necessary assembly points are hermetically sealed with an epoxy potting compound.

By design, our equipment can be disassembled without tools, has wipe-able surfaces that are easy to clean, and do not contain cracks and crevasse to accumulate organic matter.

We ask for a clean spoon at a restaurant because it has a speck of yesterday’s soup on it, but thousands of surgeries happen every day using contaminated equipment.  It is time for an upgrade.

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