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Solorail Knee Positioning System

A welcome upgrade for DeMayo Knee Positioner users.


Our patented Fieldloc Technology mounts securely under the surgical drapes allowing the Solorail to be “locked” into place inside the sterile field. This allows surgeons to have complete control of the flexion and extension of their patient’s leg while providing an easy to use, rock solid base on which to operate.

Positioning Matters. The smooth travel rail system provides stable and solid positioning with adjustability to optimize knee position for greater access and precision.  The system reduces hands on the patient and preoperative resource time.  The easy release auto lock latch allows leg manipulation without changing the flexion adjustment, as well as reduces retractor stress on bones by allowing unrestricted anterior tibia translation.

Versatile. Sterile. Easy to Use. The Solorail has 100% wipeable surfaces and no hidden crevices to hide organic debris. Even the auto lock hands free support latch can be completely disassembled without tools allowing “cleaning to the core”. Our foot holder is much stronger and won’t lose its shape, bend or crack even with heavy use. The hour glass shape and construction allows for a firm wrap that stays in place while offering greater foot stabilization.

Let Solorail be your solution for better positioning and protecting the patient.

Solorail Deluxe System

Solorail Deluxe Knee Positioner

The perfect combination of Solorail accessories with the Traction Tower Set and the Pivot Foot Holder. Improves access to posterior joint osteophyte, aids in meniscal excision, and greatly improves ease of insertion for trial components.

  • Solorail Sterile Component Top Rail
  • Universal Mounting Platform
  • Pivot Foot Holder
  • Easy Clean Adjustment Block
  • Traction Tower Set (sterile thigh bolster, distraction post, rail base)

Solorail Deluxe Support System SKU: #SR4000

Solorail Standard System

Solorail Standard Knee Positioner

  • Solorail Sterile Component Top Rail
  • Universal Mounting Platform
  • Foot Holder
  • Easy Clean Adjustment Block

Solorail Standard Support System SKU: #SR2800

Solorail Top Rail

The Top Rail

This Sterile Top Rail is easy to use and easy to clean. Compatible with our patented Fieldloc Technology, it securely mounts onto the table in the sterile field after the patient has been prepped.

Solorail Main Rail (710mm) SKU: #SR100

Solorail XL Main Rail (790mm) SKU: SR101

Fieldloc Universal Mounting Platform

The patented Fieldloc technology is the foundation that gives the Match Grade Medical knee positioners their rock-solid foundation and unfailing support. This universal mounting platform resides outside the sterile field and can be used with multiple sterile component sets to reduce equipment cost.

Fieldloc SKU: #FL500

The Pivot Foot Holder

Foot holder shape and construction allows for firm wrap and greater foot stabilization. The hourglass shape is designed to hold foot and ankle securely, and lobed wings keep elastic wrap in place.  The stronger more durable material will not bend or crack over time.

Adding even more versatility to the Solorail knee positioning system.  This is the industry’s only foot holder that offers complete internal/external rotation while under traction, allowing greater access for MIS techniques and revision procedures. Pivot mechanism is easily disassembled without tools for simplified cleaning.

The Pivot Foot Holder SKU: #SR920

Assembly Instructional Video


Solorail Thigh Bolster

The Torsion Tower

Torsion Traction Tower Set snaps directly onto the Solorail to offer increased support and can be removed and replaced throughout the procedure.  It is autoclave compatible thigh bolster for use in the sterile field. In conjunction with the distraction post can be used to draw traction for greater access and insertion of trial components.

The Torsion Tower SKU: #SR2100

Foot Holder Pads

  • Sterile, individually wrapped pad sets
  • Deluxe dual foam pads for comfort support
  • Designed for Ladderloc and Solorail foot holders
  • One roll of sterile cohesive wrap included in each set
  • This product is not made with natural rubber latex

System SKU: #FP2500

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