Match Grade Medical is continuing to produce as many intubation aerosol boxes as we can, in an attempt to meet the needs of our healthcare providers.

Our new stackable Intubation Aerosol Box provides you with a compact, yet equally as protective solution.

  • Ergonomic placement of arm holes.
  • Slanted top for better visibility.
  • Shoulder recess for closer access and better protection
  • Side slot for ventilator circuit.

We have already supplied these shields to three different hospital systems and expect to have them in the hands of several more anesthesiologists and technicians this week.

These intubation boxes for working with COVID-19 patients are design for ergonomics, and put the provider in a much better position to complete the procedure as quickly as possible. These devices continue to be recommended as an additional shield to block droplets and aerosols, but will not replace the standard personal protective equipment.

If you are having difficulty finding an available aerosol box, please contact Match Grade Medical and we will do our best to help.

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