If you are truly focused on improving patient outcomes then maybe it is time to change your position.

Orthopedic surgery, and specifically total arthroplasty are some of the fastest growing and rapidly advancing surgical procedures in history. The advancement of prosthetics and techniques is holding pace with the growth, but amazingly many surgeons and surgery centers are relying on outdated positioning equipment that is difficult to clean, difficult to use, and is in all terms outdated. The rapid growth in total arthroplasty for hips and knees has brought with it post-operative complications such as surgical site infection and pressure injury.

These risks can be reduced through proper positioning techniques and the choice of appropriate positioning equipment. Unfortunately, many surgeons do not even see the inherent issues with the positioning equipment they use, and still others do not use anything at all but rely on staff to position and hold the patient. If they take a moment to look at the positioning equipment they will find cracks and crevices that hide organic debris; springs, hinges and seams that cannot be cleaned; edges and corners that cause concentrated pressure points; and inadequate padding.

There is a new generation of surgical positioning equipment available that is easier to use, more versatile, easier to clean, and safer for the patient. The nominal cost of modern positioning equipment compared to the potential cost of postoperative complications makes it well worth the change. Better positioning equipment can also reduce the number of hands on the patient, and the potential for infection that each of those hands carry. A major factor in making positioning easier is the care taken in any contact with the patient; protecting the patient from pressure injury is a top priority.

No great work of architecture can stand without a solid foundation, yet few of us give much thought to the foundation of patient positioning. A rock-solid foundation adds precision to every aspect of a procedure. There is a lot that goes into improving patient outcomes and reducing provider cost, and although you may not spend a lot of time thinking about positioning, you can trust that Match Grade Medical does.

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