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Upgrade Your Surgical Position

If you are truly focused on improving patient outcomes, it is time to change your position. Many positioners today are ancient technology that tend to violate the sterile field or potentially cause injury. The problem- Doctors, nurses and administrators aren’t always aware of the possible risks their current equipment could be causing. Positioning does matter, upgrade to Match Grade Medical Surgical positioning equipment.

The Significance of Patient Positioning.

Although you may not spend much time thinking about patient positioning, we do. It is the foundation to every procedure. Doctors, staff, administrators and patients want the fastest possible recovery times without complications. Advances in equipment and proper positioning make procedures run more efficiently, as well as reduce cost, improve turnover, and help to reduce postoperative complications.

Another AAOS Meeting is in the books.

Another AAOS annual meeting has come and gone. A lot of hard work and dedication from our team went into sharing our technology with the Academy. The support and accolades we received this year were impressive, to say the least. And the...

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5 signs your positioning equipment might not be clean

Just because your equipment is properly processed through an autoclave steam sterilization system and is likely sterile, doesn’t guarantee it is 100% free of organic matter. Here are 5 things we suggest to look for when selecting equipment and help better understand where hidden debris can be lurking.

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