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Positioning Matters

No great work of architecture can stand without a solid foundation, yet few of us give much thought to the foundation of patient positioning. A rock-solid foundation adds precision to every aspect of the procedure.

Match Grade Medical Surgical Positioning Equipment

This is where we start with our positioning matters approach, by helping to make the surgeon’s work as simple as possible. We focus on stability, access, manipulation, and ease of use. By producing equipment that allows repeatability and minimally invasive techniques, we are allowing faster recoveries and fewer post-operative complications.

A happy staff helps to make a surgeon productive. With innovative devices that are easier and faster to set up without a need for tape, sandbags, or special care to make it work. Positioning is accomplished quicker, increasing turnover and reducing the need for additional staff. Rock-solid positioning also reduces the number of hands on the patient, and the potential for infection that each of those hands carry.

A major factor in making positioning easier is the care taken in any contact with the patient. Protecting the patient from pressure injury is a top priority. The patient interface is designed to be smooth, rounded, and with the broadest distribution of pressure we could create. Padding is easy, and pads are purposefully engineered to eliminate wrinkles and offer unfailing support.

When the procedure is complete the effort is not yet over. We do everything we can to reduce that effort by making our positioning equipment easy to take down and easy to clean. The cracks and crevasses that hide organic debris are designed out. You will find wipeable surfaces without hinges and springs and connections that other companies will tell you to “rinse”. Our products can be cleaned to the core.

Protecting the patient from pressure injury is a top priority.

Match Grade Medical is always open for new ideas. If you have a positioning challenge that you would like us to help you solve, simply contact us to get started.

There is a lot that goes into improving patient outcomes and reducing provider cost, and although you may not spend a lot of time thinking about positioning, you can trust that Match Grade Medical does.

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