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Exceptionally better surgical positioning

Engineered with the patient in mind.

Match Grade Medical is a pioneering surgical equipment company that specializes in improving the overall experience in the operating room. Our technologies are driven by a unique team of surgeons and engineers whose passion is to improve on the patient experience and develop better solutions to make surgeries more efficient and effective. We focus on simplicity, convenience and precision, making our products a step ahead for ease of use, ease of cleaning, and durability.

Respect for the sterile field.

Positioning systems industry-wide tend to compromise the sterile field increasing the risk of infection and creating possibilities for complications. Both outcomes consistently expose care providers to unnecessary cost. With this in mind, we’ve designed systems that respect the sterile field. Our patented Fieldloc Mounting System preserves sterility by sandwiching drapes without breach, leaving a rock-solid mounting platform for a variety of positioning options.

Fieldloc technology.

Our patented Fieldloc Technology is the foundation for our total knee positioning systems. The universal mounting base has a multi-point connection directly to the table rails, giving it more stability than can be achieved by clamping over the drapes. The positioners are inserted after the sterile field is created, forming a rock-solid mechanical interlock. The Fieldloc system protects drapes from damage and keeps all sterile components within the sterile field. There is truly nothing else like it.

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