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Part No. Name Description System
LL2000 Ladderloc Knee Positioning System

The Ladderloc Surgical Knee Positioner is the premier solution for total knee arthroplasty. Built from aircraft grade aluminum and longer than any other ladder system available, the Ladderloc gives you complete stability and maximum flexion.

Paired with our patented Fieldloc Mounting Platform, the integrity of the sterile field is maintained throughout surgery.

Users familiar with the Alvarado knee holder will find the Ladderloc knee positioner a welcome advancement in surgical knee support.

LL2003 Ladderloc with Pivot Foot Holder

A feature rich, familiar design with 180 degrees of rotation. The Ladderloc with Pivot Foot Holder is the ultimate solution for total knee arthroplasty (TKA).

LL110 Ladderloc Adjustment Frame

Paired with our patented Fieldloc Mounting Platform, the Ladderloc Adjustment Frame works with you to provide an unrivalled level of flexion control.

LL920 Ladderloc Pivot Foot Holder

The Ladderloc pivot foot holder allows 180 degrees of rotation in direct alignment with the tibia. The premiere foot holder for complete TKA access.

LL916 Ladderloc Standard Foot Holder The most supportive an durable foot holder available. The patented design features an hourglass shape which allows firm wrapping of the foot and ankle, for unequaled support. Knee
LL601 Ladderloc Sterile Component Set This familiar design offers solid support and increased flexion range. Clean, durable, and is compatible with a wide range of accessories. Knee
LL603 Ladderloc Sterile Component Set With Pivot Foot Holder

The Ladderloc Sterile Component set with the added enhancement of our unique Pivot Foot Holder. Offering 180 degrees of rotation, the Ladderloc with Pivot Foot Holder is the ultimate solution for total knee arthroplasty (TKA).

LL319 Ladderloc Foot Holder Adjustable Pivot Base

Pivot Foot Holder base compatible with Ladderloc systems and Pivot Foot Holder. Take your positioning to the next level with 180 degrees of rotation.

LSC100 Ladderloc Sterilization Tray Precision made; high strength sterilization cases designed to fit your Ladderloc Knee Positioning System. Knee
HP1000 Broadhead Pegboard System

The Broadhead Pegboard System is more than just a lateral hip positioning system, this unique patented system is the most versatile, easy to use, easy to clean pegboard on the market.

Broadhead Pegs Our pegs are made of an autoclavable premium strength polymer and come in multiple lengths and shapes. This provides more secure positioning of your patient as well as an array of positioning options during a procedure. With the addition of compatible arthroscopy pegs, the system can be a practical alternative for lower extremity arthroscopic procedures. The pegs are fully radiolucent to allow for comprehensive patient imaging. Hip
HP4020 4" Broadhead Fixed Peg Extensions N/A
HP6020 6" Broadhead Fixed Pegs N/A
HP6030 6" Broadhead Pivot Pegs N/A
HP6021 6" Broadhead Pegs Pivot/Fixed Combo

A set of both pivoting and fixed pegs for lateral hip pegboard positioning. Broad surface designed to reduce pressure injury.

HP9020 9" Broadhead Fixed Pegs

The standard pegboard peg for posterior lateral hip positioning and ABMS Anterior-based muscle-sparing approach.

HP9030 9" Broadhead Pivot Pegs

Our standard length pivoting peg. Compatible with most lateral surgical positioning pegboards.

HP9021 9" Broadhead Pegs Pivot/Fixed Combo

This set of fixed and pivoting broadhead pegs are designed to reduce the chances of pressure injury when used with lateral positioning pegboards.

HP1220 12" Broadhead Fixed Extra Long Pegs

These extra long pegs are a perfect solution when lateral positioning of bariatric patients is necessary. Compatible with most hip positioning pegboards and ABMS (Anterior-based muscle sparing).

HP1030 Broadhead Standard Peg Set Broadhead pegs are designed to eliminate pressure points, offer radiolucency without sacrificing strength, and are completely machine washable. Hip
FP4500 Lateral Surgical Positioning Pad - (47”) Deluxe

Lateral Surgical Positioning Pad - (47”) Deluxe

Standard size, non-sterile body pad is multi- layered, will not bottom out, and reduces shear forces for added protection and comfort for the patient.

Case includes 5 sets. Each set includes:

  • Body Pad (1)
  • Peg Pads (8)
HP100 Broadhead Pegboard
  • Tapered board ends help reduce patient pressure points
  • Unique handle design doubles as location for expanded peg placement
SR2813 Solorail Knee Positioning System

The Patented Solorail Support System is the solution to total knee arthroplasty and the only full range surgical knee positioner that respects the integrity of the sterile field.

SR100 Solorail Standard Rail

Standard length replacement rail for Solorail.

SR920 Solorail Pivot Foot Holder The Solorail pivot foot holder allows 180 degrees of rotation in direct alignment with the tibia. The ultimate in knee access. Knee
SR281 Adjustment Block with Friction Blocks & Handle

Replacement adjustment block for Solorail.

ST1200 Speedloc Ankle Distractor The most innovative ankle distractor available. The Match Grade Medical Speedloc Ankle Distractor System is the ideal choice for arthroscopy and trauma. Precision and simplicity shine through in setup, operation, and cleaning. Ankle
ST109 Speedloc Traction Lever Compatible with the Speedloc traction system, or the Speedloc accessory set for Ladderloc. Ankle
ST120 Speedloc Traction Base Compatible with the standard Speedloc Ankle Distraction system. Ankle
SS2000 Ankle Distractor Straps
  • Universal, sterile ankle strap, compatible with most ankle distraction systems
  • Strong nylon webbing and metal clasp
  • Familiar design fits all patient sizes
  • Soft and secure foam pads for optimum patient protection
  • Ideal for use with Speedloc Ankle Distractor
Tibia/Femur Triangle

Tibia/Femur Triangles designed to support knee for pinning, fractures and ligament repair positioning.

TF016 Tibia/Femur Triangle 16"

The Tibia Femur triangle is 16 inches long, designed to support knee for pinning, fractures and ligament repair positioning. It is sterilizable / autoclavable and radiolucent. It is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum for extended use and bariatric compatibility.

TF014 Tibia/Femur Triangle 14"

Medium / Standard size 14 inch triangle for tibia, femur, knee positioning and support. Heavy-duty aluminum construction is radiolucent autoclavable for use in the sterile field. Use for fractures, pinning, and ligament surgery.

TF011 Tibia/Femur Triangle 11"

Small size 14 inch triangle for support and positioning of knee. Used for tibia and femur fracture. Strong aluminum construction to hold shape. Autoclavable and radiolucent.

Rail Extension Used to extend surgical table rails, and is compatible with most standard clamps and accessories. Ankle
EXT1024 Rail Extension 24"

24 inch surgical table rail extension. Standard US rail dimension. Easy clamp on design with stainless steel rail. Great for use with ankle distractors and positioners.

EXT1018 Rail Extension 18"

18 inch US rail extension for surgical table. Stainless steel rail with quick connection clamp. Surgical positioning and ankle distraction.

ET1000 Wingmaster Elbow Tower

The Wingmaster Elbow Tower merges precision and flexibility like never before. Our unique design gives you the ability to make adjustments when and where you need them. With precise and rigid positioning and flexion support, you’ll never feel like you’re compromising again.

BLP2002 Broadhead Lateral Positioning System The Broadhead Lateral Positioning System is a significant upgrade to a familiar lateral positioning approach. Using our patented Broadhead pegs and combining them with specifically engineered adjustment brackets, we can provide a superior lateral positioning experience that utilizes the pad already on your table. Hip
BLP1020 Fixed Lateral Positioner Base

Broadhead universal lateral positioning system for hip surgery and procedures requiring lateral positioning. Placed along surgical table rails, fully adjustable, holds standard Broadhead pegs.

BLP1040 Pivot Lateral Positioner Base

This fully adjustable base holds single pin, pivoting, Broadhead pegs. For use with the Broadhead lateral positioner. Pivot pegs allow placement and any angle and contour. Ideal for hip replacement procedures.

BLP0020 Lateral Positioner Standard Brackets

For lateral positioning of patients using standard surgical tables. This bracket has medium reach and complements all lateral positioning bases.

Adjustment Range: 3" - 6.75"

BLP0270 Lateral Positioner Recessed Brackets

Lateral Positioner Recessed Brackets for Broadhead Lateral Positioning System.

This offset bracket allows the lateral positioning base to be adjusted to the edge of the surgical table, allowing patient to be positioned closer to the surgeon. Compatible with bariatric patients.

Adjustment Range: 0" - 3.5"

BLP0040 Lateral Positioner Extended Brackets

Lateral Positioner Extended Brackets for Broadhead Lateral Positioning System.

A compliment to the Lateral Positioner Recessed Brackets, these brackets are designed to reach further onto the table for positioning patients laterally along one edge of the table.

Adjustment Range: 5" - 8.75"

MPB1000 Broadhead Mini The Broadhead Mini Pegboard System is the only arthroscopic patient positioning system of its kind available on the market. This patent pending system is engineered to be able to sit inside or outside the sterile field while offering easy-to-use and versatile solutions for MIS procedures. Knee
RC100 Rail Clamp

The rail clamp that does it all. Accepts round or rectangular posts, can be used under or over the drape, fully autoclavable, and can be easily disassembled for cleaning. This is the only rail clamp you will ever need.

FL600 Fieldloc Mounting Platform This patented mounting system is compatible with both Solorail and Ladderloc knee positioning systems. It can be shared between both sterile component sets. Knee
FP2500 Foot Holder Pads
  • Sterile, individually wrapped pad set.
  • Deluxe dual foam for comfort and support.
  • Each set includes 3M sterile cohesive wrap.
  • Fits both Ladderloc and Solorail foot holders.
  • Precision fit for optimal patient protection.