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  • Broadhead Pegboard 2

Broadhead Standard Peg Set


Broadhead pegs are designed to eliminate pressure points, offer radiolucency without sacrificing strength, and are completely machine washable.

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Part Number: HP1030

What's Included

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Part No. Part Name Quantity Dimensions
HP4020 4" Broadhead Fixed Peg Extensions 2 L: 4" W: 3.5"
HP6021 6" Broadhead Pegs Pivot/Fixed Combo 2 L: 6" W: 3.5"
HP9020 9" Broadhead Fixed Pegs 2 L: 9" W: 3.5"
HP9030 9" Broadhead Pivot Pegs 2 L: 9" W: 3.5"

About Broadhead Standard Peg Set

This full set of pegs comes standard with the Broadhead pegboard system, and is compatible with most lateral positioning pegboards. A true upgrade in the effort to reduce pressure injury.

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