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Deluxe pads offer optimal patient protection.

  • by Match Grade Medical
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  • Feb 3, 2022
Ladderloc Foot Holder Pads

Match Grade Medical is synonymous with precision patient positioning equipment. The Ladderloc Knee Positioning system has replaced countless Alvarado type knee positioners around the world. The ease of use, stability, and flexion range continue to impress surgeons. At the same time, the respect for the sterile field and ease of cleaning are a must for facility staff. All of this contributes to better treatment of the patient.

The interface from any device to the patient is a critical point. There are a variety of materials used by different providers and manufacturers, all aiming to reduce damaging forces. The materials are chosen for specific characteristics which aim to reduce pressure points and sheer forces on the skin, while still offering stable support. Unfortunately, not all of the materials are able to fully meet these pressure injury demands. Soft foams reduce sheer forces, but fail to eliminate, and often cause concentrated pressure points. At the same time, gel pads and stiff foams offer better pressure point reduction but add to sheer forces.

Foot Holder Pads
Ladderloc Knee Positioning System - Alvarado Knee Holder

Only Match Grade Medical uses a dual foam lamination that provides reduced sheer forces and pressure points. The top layer is a soft pliable urethane foam that adds gentle support and non-abrasive contact with the skin. While the base layer is a lightly compressible supporting foam that will not bottom out and helps to eliminate impingement points. Together they offer unequaled patient protection.

These pads are specifically designed for the Match Grade Medical Ladderloc and Solorail foot holders. They ensure a perfect fit every time, and greatly reduced set up time. Because we are committed to providing only the finest materials, each one of these sterile pads includes a roll of authentic 3M Coban cohesive wrap.

Better patient protection, reduced setup and cleaning time, sterile, disposable, and made in the USA with the finest materials available. It is time to use the right tool for the job.

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